Sylvia Kabugho

Sylvia is our newest Program Director at FCDE of Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment, isla‘s parent organization, who is heading up our Rukungiri site, now in its second year.

“When you know better, you do better.” 

Challenged by the words of Maya Angelou, this quote encourages Sylvia to always seek to knowledge and understand the complex and nuanced issues related to the work that she does so that she approaches each situation with a clear angle and perspective.

With her quest for knowledge and understanding, Sylvia has developed as a leader with FCDE . “From the time we hit the ground in 2011 until now, we are still going strong with visible indicators of success. This has given me the platform to support women’s’ empowerment through building the capacity of women’s’ groups and other organisations implementing women’s programs. This has enabled women to be part of the process of sustainable development in the community. With my career growth, being at the management level of FCDE and one of the few women heading an organisation in Rukungiri District (the only woman heading an international organisation in the district), I feel it has been a big success in my life.”

Her slogan is, I am a woman without limits, and we have seen this as she continues to be motivated in her work and motivates others through example. One of Sylvia’s inspirations is Winnie Byanyima, the Executive Director Oxfam International who was recently appointed to UN panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. She has been an active champion in women empowerment in Uganda and beyond using the different positions she has served in politics, civil service and international development agencies.

We are thrilled to have Sylvia as a part of our leadership team and thank her for all that she’s given to FCDE!

If you would like to be an intern and meet Sylvia go to ur website to learn about the isla internships