Sustainable Development Internships in Uganda


April 2016

New Heights, New Sights

Today marks two weeks and five days since I landed in Entebbe Airport to become the new International Program Coordinator at Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE), the parent organization of isla, in Rukungiri District, Uganda. Traveling to a new place always excites me about things unknown and the Pearl of Africa doesn’t disappoint.

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Do not postpone your trip to Africa

Written by Hafha Maani Ebrahimi for the Ugandan Sunday Monitor.

So the friend I was talking to and who seemed to be looking forward to traveling to East Africa, kept postponing her dream trip. The reasons were as varied as the colors of the rainbow. Once she cited political turmoil and instability, another time it was fear of malaria or Ebola and the excuses went on. It was time to have a serious chat with my friend. Continue reading “Do not postpone your trip to Africa”

Learn Rukiga!

Uganda, once a British protectorate, has two official languages, English and Swahili. Despite these being the official languages, in addition to English, the majority of the population speaks Luganda, the tongue of the Buganda people, or one of 50 local languages. Possessing a basic understanding of a local language increases your effectiveness in the field. Local people appreciate your effort to understand them and their communities.

Is worrying about learning the local language keeping you from accessing your intern potential? Fear no more. Below we have complied a list of the most important Rukiga (Rukungiri’s local language) words and phrases you need to get started!

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