It takes an intrepid traveler to go to Uganda as an isla, International Service Learning Alliance intern. To make an impact in the lives of the community they serve, isla interns are change agents who have grit. Not everyone has the inner desire and stamina to be an isla intern in Uganda. Many people consider it a life long dream to go to Africa. Those that make their dream a reality, return home a different person with a new lens and a legacy in a developing country. If you qualify for our internships, you can work in Uganda too!

The Warren R. Campbell Scholarship was created to provide the resources for graduate and undergraduate students who are qualified to work in Uganda but simply do not have the means to get there.  The internships are for 10 weeks with in-country start dates of September 21, January 21 or March 21.  Students who have a 3.3 GPA and are majoring in a sustainable development field in either Women’s Empowerment, Social Justice,  Small Business Development, Environment, Education or Health/HIV/AIDS and who have worked abroad are eligible to apply. Qualified students who meet the criteria will be interviewed and chosen from a competitive pool of applicants. Application deadline for a Fall start date is June 21, 2016. If you are interested and qualify you can apply here.

isla partners with university programs to guarantee three scholarship recipients to work in Uganda. If you are an International Programs Administrator from your university and would like more information on this partnership contact Jenny Sowry at

If you have questions please submit your details below and we’ll get back to you.