Pictured Above: A view of my family’s compound from the dining room. The blue door across the way is the entrance to the kitchen. And in the blue bucket to the left are thousands of coffee beans, all just roasted naturally by the sunshine and ready to be packaged! Yummy!

As we drove to Kasese, a town two districts to the Northwest of Rukungiri, I found myself missing home.

There are many entrances into the compound, all red iron doors that are locked by a padlock. The compound is big, I think I counted 12 rooms, but I could be wrong. Concrete lays in the center of the compound which is opened to the sunlight and moonlight. As I walk into the house back from my weekend travels, I yell “hello I’m home!” I hear my host mom (Maama) yell “Agandi” as a way of correcting me by not using the language…

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