This is a great story of a college student at Cal Poly loving her summer internship with isla!


Pictured above is Rose and her famous smile.

In Uganda, 7.4% of the population suffers from HIV/AIDS. In Rukungiri District, 17.6% of the population suffers from HIV/AIDS, almost 3x the national average. From that 17.6%, around 30% of them are children who are born HIV positive. This issues affects Monic and her family. Monic’s story was disheartening and I feared for her and her niece, Rose.

I have met Rose twice now. When we meet, her smile takes up half of her face and her tongue sticks out between her teeth. She looks strong and normal. One could not tell by looking at her that she suffers from HIV. As she sits on my lap, she shows me all the good grades she has gotten in primary school. When she recieved a 73% on one of the homework pages she covers the score with her hand and turns the page…

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