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It takes Money and Grit

It takes an intrepid traveler to go to Uganda as an isla, International Service Learning Alliance intern. To make an impact in the lives of the community they serve, isla interns are Continue reading “It takes Money and Grit”

Meet the Intern: Lauren

After working in international development for five years, the questions “How do I break into the industry?”, never fails to raise itself in conversation. “Well, how do you break into the industry?” you may ask. Step one is getting field experience abroad and learning to live outside your comfort zone.  Continue reading “Meet the Intern: Lauren”

Meet the Interns: Marlen and Julianna


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Marlen (left) and Julianna (right) are our newest additions to the FCDE/isla family.

Please welcome our newest members to the growing FCDE/isla family! Both of our interns will be working at our new site, Rukungiri, located in southwest Uganda. Learn more about them below.

Continue reading “Meet the Interns: Marlen and Julianna”

Meet the Intern: Victoria


Victoria is a graduate student at Antioch University New England studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Climate Change. She joined FCDE in June 2013 as an environmental initiatives intern. Victoria worked with three partner organizations (OBR, Kiima Foods, and New Eden) over her nine week internship to help build capacities in their environmental campaigns. The topics covered a variety of environmental issues, including irrigation and improved cook stoves.

Victoria also worked with each organization to aid in developing their project campaigns and in community outreach. This grassroots training she developed enabled the partners to understand how to effectively deliver their messages to different groups of people. Each partner organization met with her to discuss their strategic plans followed by the delivery of their message into the community. Victoria worked in a range of settings, from giving a lecture series at a local school (African Ark Open Society Institute) to community gatherings throughout the sub-counties of Kasese.

While Victoria aided these organizations in myriad ways, it was always her goal to make her work sustainable. She made sure that the organizations came up with their own goals and objectives, content information, and determined how she could best support them in their efforts in order to “help them build sustainability within their own campaigns.”

Victoria chose FCDE to do her internship work because she wanted to work abroad in Africa and was interested in FCDE’s approach to development. Looking for more than simply ecotourism, she was able to gain experience at the grassroots level. Taking on a leadership role as well as gaining new skills along the way, it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Victoria plans to work in international development in the future, and this internship allowed her to take the theories and concepts from her coursework and put them into practice

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