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Aggies in Kasese – KIIMA Foods

Farming differs all over the world. What is similar, is the need for farmers to have nutritious and affordable food security and grow crops free of pesticides. Training the local population to follow these principles of farming is what KIIMA Foods is doing in Kasese, Uganda. And they are doing it well!!

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Good for the Community, Good for the Earth



From the arid Northeastern region, to the snowcapped Rwenzori mountains in the southwest, Uganda is a host to a range of biomes, supporting over 1000 species of birds and the Big 5. The southwest region, near the Rwandan border, boasts the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the home of some of the last 300 mountains gorillas in the world.

Roughly the size of the state of Oregon, and predominately rural, the Ugandan countryside is a mix of sustainable and subsistence farming, and cash crops, sprinkled with a few national parks. As any place in the world, wildlife rarely remains within national park borders, making caring for the general land important in order to preserve natural biodiversity.

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