Sustainable Development Internships in Uganda



It takes Money and Grit

It takes an intrepid traveler to go to Uganda as an isla, International Service Learning Alliance intern. To make an impact in the lives of the community they serve, isla interns are Continue reading “It takes Money and Grit”

Do not postpone your trip to Africa

Written by Hafha Maani Ebrahimi for the Ugandan Sunday Monitor.

So the friend I was talking to and who seemed to be looking forward to traveling to East Africa, kept postponing her dream trip. The reasons were as varied as the colors of the rainbow. Once she cited political turmoil and instability, another time it was fear of malaria or Ebola and the excuses went on. It was time to have a serious chat with my friend. Continue reading “Do not postpone your trip to Africa”

Snowflakes in Uganda??

If you saw this title and were worried about the state of global climate, no need to pack for the snow if you’re heading to East Africa. I guess, unless you plan on summiting Rwenzori, Mt. Kenya, or Kilimanjaro. But, this post doesn’t focus on snowflakes or snow packed mountains, rather it focuses on leadership and cultural organizing.

Continue reading “Snowflakes in Uganda??”

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